Bondir Gardens


Bondir Gardens is located on two acres in Carlisle, Massachusetts and situated on the certified organic land of Sweet Autumn Farm. Each season we gradually expand our small “Chef’s Garden", saving certain seed varieties from particularly delicious vegetables we harvest. Bondir Gardens uses efficient bio-intensive and sustainable farming techniques and is currently cultivating several types of herbs, lettuces, beans, corn, melons, strawberries, and root vegetables —most of which are unique heirloom varieties. Our small garden produces a great variety of produce,  perfect for Bondir Restaurants’ ever-changing menus.

In the winter of 2016 Chef Jason Bond hired Paulette Jenner to farm and manage Bondir Gardens. Paulette grew up in Toronto, Canada, and first worked in law and academia before becoming a farmer. Paulette has been farming in New England since 2011 and co-owns a certified organic cut-flower farming business located down the street from Bondir Gardens on land owned by Hutchins Farm.

Early in her first season managing Bondir Gardens Paulette expanded the growing space, allowing for a greater variety of vegetables and herbs than ever before. New crops introduced in the garden, which we are particularly looking forward to using, are unusual varieties of tomatoes, winter squash, hot peppers, and specialty greens.  

Paulette is excited to be working with Chef Bond, stating that "... Jason's creative and adventurous approach to cooking makes him willing to experiment with unfamiliar vegetables, and to use each part of the plant whenever possible."  She find's Chef Bond's "... unwavering commitment to sustainable farming and local sourcing" inspiring. Paulette fully supports Bondir's belief that a chef's garden can offers fresh ingredients, a low carbon footprint, and more interesting food.


You can find Paulette's cut-flower bouquets available for sale at the Hutchins farm stand all season long, or find out more online at Field Edge Flowers

You can follow along as Paulette plants and harvests a new season's crops by viewing #BondirGardens on our Instagram.