Non Nobis Solum, (Not for Ourselves Alone) painted by Josie Morway for Bondir Concord, November, 2013

                        Non Nobis Solum, (Not for Ourselves Alone) painted by Josie Morway for Bondir Concord, November, 2013

Celebrate FOOD DAY 2015 with Bondir


Every October 24th, thousands of FOOD DAY events take place around the country, organized by food activists “united by a vision of food that is healthy, affordable, and produced with care for the environment.”

Our goal at Bondir is to always use the best ingredients possible to present honest, flavorful food that showcases the pastoral and marine bounty of our New England region. We source our ingredients from a network of food purveyors whose goals are to steward the environment.

To celebrate FOOD DAY 2015, we would like to share a list of some of the producers we have been proud to know and work with for many years.

Big Train Farm, Cranston, RI
Founded in 2008. Offers CSA program and wholesale accounts. “Big Train Farms goals are to conserve RI's farmland, woodlands and rural communities and provide the best fresh and naturally-grown produce.”

Bondir Gardens, Carlisle, MA
Our small, organic garden produces a great variety of produce, perfect for Bondir Restaurants’ ever changing menus and is farmed by a participant in the Tufts New Entry Sustainable Farming Project.

Cooks Valley Farm, Wrentham, MA
Opened in 1705 in Wrentham, MA and continues to be run by the Cook family.

Eva’s Garden, Dartmouth, MA
Certified organic garden run by Eva Sommaripa, grower of fresh culinary herbs, cut flower bouquets, edible flowers, and specialty greens.

Hutchins Farm, Concord, MA
65-acre certified organic fruit and vegetable farm. “All our activities at Hutchins Farm are informed by a profound respect for the land, the people who work the land, and our community of customers.”

Indie Growers, Bristol, RI
Small farm and a purveyor of unique greens, vegetables, herbs and edible blossoms. “All of our products are independent of chemicals and are grown sustainably.”

Maine Grains, Skowhegan, ME
Housed in the Somerset Grist Mill, Maine Grains uses a traditional stone milling process for their locally grown and sourced grains and work hard to provide a strong, positive community impact.

Northeast Family Farms (NEFF), Woburn, MA
Creating a supply chain between local farmers and chefs. NEFF distributes food that is grown on New England farms in a manner that is both safe and efficient.

Pete & Jen’s Backyard Birds, Concord, MA
Founded in 2002, a 5-acre farm run by Peter Lowy and Jennifer Hashley. “As our passion for farming has grown, so has our knowledge and expertise. We pride ourselves in being the best at what we do … expanding the options to source your food from local farmers who care deeply about the environment.”

Royalton Farm, South Royalton, VT
Family owned and operated farms whose goal is to create quality meats in a sustainable manner while enhancing and expanding their local farming community.

Snappy Lobster, Scituate, MA
A locally owned and operated seafood business, sourcing all of its lobster fish and scallops from small independent fishermen, who believe in sustainable fishing practices.  

Sparrow Arc Farm, Copake, NY
A family-run 55-acre vegetable farm specializing in unique and heirloom crops. They provide organic vegetables to restaurants in Boston and NYC.

Sweet Autumn Farm, Carlisle, MA
Small diversified farm using sustainable practices to grow heirloom vegetables, fruit, edible flowers, and herbs. They use native plantings and minimal mowing to encourage a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Wards Berry Farm, Sharon, MA
175-acre vegetable and fruit farm. “We are proud to be a genuine, productive farm, sustainably feeding the people of our area real food picked at the peak of ripeness, while nurturing our soil.”


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