Six-Course Vegan Dinner  Thursday, June 14th, With produce from Sweet Autumn Farm. Details

Strawberry Moon & Solstice  Thursday, June 28th, The first harvest of summer. Details

Bastille Day  Sunday, July 15th, With sparkling wine pairings. Details

Frozen Menu  Wednesday, August 8th, A menu for the heat of summer. Details

JT's Herbs & Produce Pop-Up  Sunday, August 19th, With Chef & Farmer Jade Elan Taylor. Details

Sturgeon Moon  Sunday, August 26th, Caviar and the bounty from the sea. Details

Hutchins Farm Dinner  Sunday, September 30th, Celebrate the end of the harvest.

hutchins farm dinner 2018.jpg


Celebrate The End Of The Harvest


Sunday, September 30th

Reservations 5PM to 10PM

$68 per Person / $42 Wine Pairing

Call 617-661-0009 or Reserve Online


As we slowly transition away from menus filled with summer produce, we can't think of a better way to bid farewell to the season than with a special farm dinner event with our friends from Hutchins Farm.

"Hutchins Farm is the oldest organic farm in Concord, and the Boston area in general. They only sell what they grow, so watching their farm stand throughout the summer really tells you exactly what's happening in the season. That's the type of organization we want to work with, and support." - Chef Jason Bond

The seasonal menu, prepared by Chef Bond, will be written a little closer to the night of the dinner. We'll have late summer ingredients as well as what is harvested in early-fall, all of which will come to us direct from Hutchins Farm. We're looking forward to tomatoes, corn, chard, beets, shallots, carrots, cabbage, dill, parsley, diakon, watermelon radish, leeks, eggplant, sweet peppers, and maybe shishitos, radicchio, and winter squash.

Please join us for this, our last event of the Bondir Summer Series!


Meet members of the Hutchins Farm team at this dinner. We'll be hosting a table for them so they can join us for this event.

Hutchins History: Organic since 1973, every season Hutchins Farm actively cultivates over 35 acres of vegetables, about an acre of small fruit, and 10 acres of apples. Owned and operated by the same family since 1895, all the activities at Hutchins Farm are informed by a profound respect for the land, the people who work the land, and their community of customers. To read more about their farm and history, visit the Hutchins Farm website.


Sunday, September 30, 2018 - a Dinner with Hutchins Farm

Yellow Corn Sourdough

Focaccia with Sweet Onion and Fennel Pollen

Yuzu-Peach Mead


Pickled Green Tomatoes and Daikon

Jonah Crab, Flowering Herbs, Tomato Kakigori


Black Sugar-Baked Futsu Squash

Collard Greens with Mangalitsa Ham, Sea Urchin


Spit Roasted Venison Leg

Charred Leek, Pickled and Roasted Peppers and Eggplant, Potato Tea


Honeynut Squash Pudding

Cocoa Nib Sable, Calendula, Blueberries

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Past Series Events

The Sturgeon Moon Dinner

sturgeon moon dinner collage.jpg

Join us for Champagne, Caviar, & the Best of the Sea!

Sunday August 26th, 2018

Reservations from 5PM to 10PM

$72 per Person / Wine pairing $42

Please Call 617-661-0009 or Reserve Online


As summer begins to wind down ever-so-slowly, we plan on savoring every last drop of the season. The Bondir Summer Series has been a fun way to showcase the flavors and stories from New England farms and oceans in summertime.

The penultimate event of our summer series is the Sturgeon Moon Dinner which will feature a seafood menu to celebrate the bounty of the sea and the August full moon.

We'll open a magnum of Champagne, as part of the optional wine pairing, to compliment the 5-course menu prepared by Bondir Chef-Owner Jason Bond.

❧ MENU ❧

The Sea

Buckwheat and Sorghum Sourdough


Osetra Caviar Sandwich

Croissant, Sepia Onions, Buttermilk


Tomato Salad

Caviar d’Escargots, Dill Mayonnaise, Basil


Wild King Salmon

Ice Plant, New Potatoes with Beluga Caviar


Coconut Sorbet

Vanilla Coconut Water, Fig Leaf Oil


Coeur à la Crème

Peaches in Peach Nocino, Calendula Chocolate

We hope you'll join us!



JT's Herbs & Produce Pop-Up

JT's Herbs & Produce.jpg
Jade Farmer.jpg

Sunday, August 19th
With Chef & Farmer Jade Elan Taylor
$68/person. Reserve
online or call 617-661-0009

We are so excited to welcome back, for one night only, one of Bondir's very first Sous Chefs, Jade Elan Taylor. After two years cooking at Bondir, and with training from the Tufts New Entry Sustainable Farming Project, Chef Taylor pursued her lifelong passion for growing her own herbs and vegetables. She started JT's Herbs & Produce in Newburyport, MA on one acre of farmland where she focuses on growing organic heirloom vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers for CSA shares and restaurant deliveries. 

Jade also continues working as an active chef, dividing time between pop-ups on the North Shore and restaurants in Boston. According to Chef Taylor, her menus are very ”ingredient driven, product driven”, and “extremely seasonal."

Join us at Bondir for a special five-course menu prepared by Chef Taylor that celebrates the harvest season and the bounty of her farm.


Buckwheat Sourdough
Purple Corn Sourdough
Cantaloupe and Heirloom Tomato Salad
Chanterelle Cream, Begonias, Wild Mint
Octopus Confit in Wagyu Fat
Sour Uncured Onions, Charred Padron Peppers, Nasturtium
Chicken Cured in Sake Lees
Corn, Umeboshi, Brown Butter, Lemon Basil
Parmesan Custard
Fig Oil, Candied Green Tomato, Hazelnut
Honey and Cashew Ice Cream
White Chocolate, Husk Cherries, Bee Pollen

Enjoy a Wine Pairing 42

Images from JT's Herbs & Produce


The Frozen Menu

frozen menu 2.jpg

Wednesday, August 8th

$68 per person / $42 beverage pairing
Reservations available from 5PM to 10PM
279A Broadway, Cambridge Directions

Call 617-661-0009 or Reserve Online

Please join us at Bondir for a cool menu on a hot summer night. Sparkling wines, rosés, and homemade sodas will accompany a five-course menu prepared by Chef Jason Bond, where each course will have a cool take on the freshest ingredients from local farms. Take a break from the heat, and join us for a cool dinner!


The Frozen Menu

Red Fife Whole Wheat Sourdough
Purple Corn Sourdough

Pineapple Weed Mead


Chilled Tomato Dashi
Purslane, Tomato Ice, Clams in Truffle Vinaigrette


Frozen Mango
Shaved Foie Gras, Kohlrabi, Puffed Amaranth


Roasted Bluefish
 Hyssop Salsa Verde Popsicle, Chanterelles, Eggplant


Elotes Kakigori
Buttermilk, Lime, Lovage



Chilled Young Coconut
Ices and Creams

Ices and Creams Bondir.jpg


Bastille Day Menu!

Bastille collage.jpg

Sunday, July 15th
$72 Menu / $42 Pairings
Reservations from 5pm to 10pm


Please call 617-661-0009 or reserve with OpenTable

Join us at Bondir for a special Bastille Day Dinner featuring a five-course menu with Chef Bond's take on traditional French classics, with Champagne pairings. We hope you will join us to honor France, its history and its wonderful cuisine. For an idea of what Chef Bond will be preparing, please have a look at the menu from last year's Bastille Day celebration below.

❧~ la Fête nationale ~❧

Pain de Porc

Eclade de Moules


Tartare de Boeuf
12 Herbes, Caviar d’Escargot, Sirop de Tomate

Paul Mas, Cremant Rosé


Coquille St. Jacques
Fricassée de Girolles, Foie Gras, et Escargots

Gosset Brut, Excellance


Poulet en Vessie
Champignons, Chou, Écrevisse

Philip Gonet, Blanc de Blanc


Le Comté

Tarte Soufflé au Chocolate et Sucre Noir

Gosset, Grand Rosé Brut



Strawberry Moon Dinner

strawberry moon dinner collage.jpg

Thursday, June 28, 2018
Reservations from 5 PM to 10 PM
$68 per Person / $42 Beverage Pairing

Reserve your table Online or call 617-661-0009

This year, the Strawberry Moon is on June 28th, and we invite you to join us for a special dinner celebrating the first harvest of summer and the solstice. The Strawberry Moon gets its name from the Native American tribes who used the appearance of the full moon in June as a sign that wild strawberries were ready for harvesting.

The early summer harvest from local farms means strawberries, all the courgettes, young roots, the freshest greens, and early black currants. We will write the menu just before the dinner as we see what's coming up best.  

We hope you can join us for this second
special dinner of the Bondir Summer Series !


A Six-Course Vegan Dinner At Bondir

Vegan Dinner 2018 3.jpg

Thursday, June 14th, Between 5PM and 10PM
$68 per Person / $42 Beverage Pairing
Reserve Your Table
Online or Call 617-661-0009

On most nights the menu at Bondir is largely vegan, displaying Chef Bond's affinity for the full range of pure vegetable flavors. On Thursday, June 14th, however, our menu will be entirely vegan. Many of our regular dinner guests at Bondir are vegan, and we think this will be a fun way to showcase the first harvests of the season.  

The dinner will be sourced locally from area farmers' markets in Cambridge and from Sweet Autumn Farm in Carlisle, Massachusetts. Sweet Autumn is a certified organic, solar-powered farm that utilizes an holistic approach to growing nutritious food and offers heirloom vegetables, edible flowers, and herbs.

The menu will be available as the date gets closer and we see what's growing. Beverage pairings will likely include wine & beer as well as non-alcoholic infusions, herbal teas, and vegetable juices from our own garden. We invite all diners, vegan and non-vegan, to join us for this first dinner of our Summer Series.


Thank You To Everyone Who Has Joined Us This Summer at Bondir!

To see the Summer Sky
Is Poetry, though never in a Book it lie–
True Poems flee —
– Dickinson Emily

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